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Governor Schwarzenegger and state legislators failed to reach a compromise last night, as Califronia began the 2009-10 fiscal year without a budget deal.

According to John Myers at Capitol Notes, theĀ  $3.3 billion in missed education savings from last night’s vote is now being estimated as adding another $8 billion to the state budget woes, due to Prop 98 requirements.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the new deficit number will be roughly $26.3 billion, about $2 billion higher than the governor’s May budget. State Controller John Chiang will start issuing IOUs in the form of registered warrants to state vendors; these warrants will not be redeemable until October 1st, and only if the State has enough cash to cover the amount of the warrants. Medi-Cal providers are listed as receiving regular warrants which can be redeemed immediately. For more information on the IOUs, check out the Controller’s FAQ Page here.

The Governor declared a new state of fiscal emergency earlier today andĀ  launched another special session. Online now is a new July Revision that includes new budget solutions, in addition to those included in the May Revision.

The May Revision originally included more than $80 million in cuts to HIV programs. The status of the Budget Committee’s compromise package– which includes a significantly reduced set of reductions to HIV programs– remains unclear.

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Your passion and activism have made a difference! Kaiser Health News reported today that the Budget Conference Committee rejected a number of Governor’s Schwarzenegger’s most extreme proposals that would have decimated essential services, including cuts to HIV programs.

The committee voted to reduce the $80.1 million proposal, which have decimated programs such as HIV/AIDS education & prevention, HIV testing, treatment services, and the AIDS Drug Assistance Program, by roughly $50 million, to $33.5 million. For the full story, click here.

The fight isn’t over yet. Republican legislators and the Governor have already stated that they would not support Democrats’ proposals for new levies essential in balancing the budget. We need you to stay engaged in the next few weeks, as the budget battle intensifies.

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